Promoting Gambling Sites

There are three basic ways to get visitors to your website

  1. Buying advertising sites.
  2. Social sites and viral marketing
  3. Through Search engines and SEO

I have listed them in that order because that is the order of how hard they are to do. Buying adds to get visitors is by far the easiest way to get traffic while getting visitors through the search engines is the hardest way to get traffic. The profitability of the different methods are to a large extent the opposite. Below I am going to talk about each of the three methods one by one. Ideally you should be using all three methods together as well as any other method you can think of to maximize your earnings.

Buying advertising

There are plenty of sites out there willing to sell advertising space just like you most likely is willing to sell advertising space on yours. Finding places to advertise is in other words not hard, neither is it hard to get visitors through advertising. What is hard and takes skill is to find and buy advertising that gives you a good ROI (Return on investment). If the advertising cost you more money than you earn from the traffic you get than that advertising should not be continued unless you are trying to build brand and awareness for your site. You should instead try to find and buy advertising that give you a positive ROI. In other words for every buck you spend you should earn more than a buck from the traffic. This ratio should be as high as possible. How high it should be depends to a large extent on your budget. If you have a large advertising budget you might be forced to accept a lower ROI than you would if you have a very small budget and need to make money using that small budget. The key to successfully buying advertising is testing, testing and testing. You will likely lose money initially until you learn what advertising works for you and what advertising channels that gives the best ROI for you.

Social sites and viral marketing.

This can include everything from social bookmarking to posting videos on youtube and other video sites. This can be a powerful advertising channel that can bring you a lot of the traffic but it takes some time to learn what will attract visitors and what will not. You should also know that this type off visitors are much less likely to buy something or register for a casino than most other types of traffic. This means that you will likely get a lower conversion rates than you get with the two other types of promotions. This method can however provide a lot of visitors and can therefore be very profitable even with a low conversion rate.

Search engines and SEO

This is the potentially by far most profitable type of promotion as it will give you free visitors but it is also the by far most demanding. Getting to the top of the search engines for any somewhat popular search term is very hard but if you succeed the rewards will be great. Do NOT try to go after too popular terms like casino, poker or black jack, at least not at first. Start by targeting a smaller, more narrow phrase and when you are done with that you can continue to target more popular phrases backed by the work you done earlier and the money the terms you already rank for brings in. SEO to a large extent comes down to on page SEO, good content and links. Good content is technically a part of on page seo but is important enough to warrant a special mentioning. Other aspects of on page seo includes proper titles and title tags as well as a number of other factors. The topic is too wide and too complex to cover in this article and I recommend that you do a google search on the topic to learn more about it. Off page seo or links as it basically boils down is the other part of the equation and is in itself more important than onpage SEO. You want as many and high quality link as possible linking to your sites. There are plenty of ways to build links. Some of them such as profile page link building is to be considered spam and should be avoided by any respectable webmaster. You can either do the link building yourself or outsource it to others. Outsourcing at least a part of it is usually a good idea if you can afford it and out sourcing will become a necessity when you start going after more competitive terms that likely will require an entire team of link builders working for you under your supervision. Before you start building links I recommend that your read up on building back links and read Google guidelines for webmasters to make sure you do not do anything that might end up hurting your site. It is always better to look at the long time development of your site rather than chance short term gains and take the risk that is associated with.