Promoting Casino Affiliate Programs

It might be tempting to think that all you need to do to earn money as a Casino affiliate is to build a website, throw a few ads on it, sit back and watch the money start rolling in. This is however far from the truth, The casino affiliate market can be very profitable but it also require a lot of work.

It takes a lot of work to create a popular website that attracts a lot of people, It takes a lot of work to advertise your website to get even more visitors and it take a lot of work to make sure that you always have the right ads in the right place. In this article we are going to assume that you already have a website with traffic and focus on how to use ads in a way that maximize your earnings. (If you donĀ“t yet have a website or have a new website without traffic I recommend that you start reading our guide on how to create a website and on how to promote your website.)

You will need to chose which casino, bingo and poker site you want to promote. You can of course choose to promote more than one but it is best to avoid promoting too many as that might send a mixed message to the readers. Stick to one or two companies for each type of gambling to promote. It is of course okay, and recommended, to feature affiliate links to all casinos you review in that particular review. It is also okay to feature affiliate links in all content that talk about a certain casino or poker room. However those affiliate links are tied to the content of that particular page and different from the banners and ads that are displayed on all pages regardless of content. It is the site wide advertising where it is important that you think through the message the ads send to maximize your earnings and the trust the visitor will feel for the site. If the visitor feel they can trust your advice they are more likely to join a casino or poker room on your recommendation.

It is important to remember that your main source of income will be loyal customers that you refer to casinos. The more they play the more you will earn. The days when casinos paid you a lot for clicks and sign ups are to a large degree over. Today most affiliate programs will provide the lion part of the revenue based on the earning they get from the players. It is therefore always besr to provide the users with good reliable information. It is better to get one person that is happy with your recommendation and play a lot to sign up to a casino through your affiliate link than it is to get ten people to sign up that end up being disappointed and leaving the casino room. If they do they are unlikely to take your advice again as to what casino to join. A happy player on the other hand is likely to come back to you when they want are looking for a new casino or maybe a poker or bingo room.

The banners ads that are not weaved into the text should ideally be placed in such a way that they are prominent and visible but still well integrated in the site and not disturbing. They should not stand out or irritate the reader but rather complement the layout and become a part of the entirety of the site. This is best done by a well thought through design and layout where the ads seems like a part of the layout. The most important ads should ideally be placed above the fold and near the center of the screen as this is where people will look the most.