Norwegian bingo affiliate

Over the last few years, bingo has grown rapidly on the internet. Both bingo and casino online has grown alot in the Scandinavian market and the market keeps growing for every day. One of the main reasons why bingo grows this much is that alot of casino players chose to alternate with bingo. Why? The jackpots! Bingo actually offers some of the highest jackpot games that you can play online and together with new and innovative games, the bingo market flourish more then ever. Big jackpots are generated through active players. The more players that put money at stake, the higher the jackpots become. Since women have discovered online casinos and bingosites over the last few years, the money has also grown and thats why the progressive jackpots are growing.

Bingo affiliates grow with the market

It´s not a secret that affiliates tend to follow the market and bingo is not different. There are more bingo affiliates then ever and the numbers are growing. The Scandinavian online market is still young and undiscovered by many affiliates, especially the Norwegian market. So if you are planning on trying a new market, try the Scandinavian. An example of a Scandinavian bingo affiliate is that promotes some of the biggest bingo sites in Norway. We expect the bingo market to grow even more over the coming years, even in Sweden, Finland and Denmark and that is a good reason why to start working with Scandinavian websites and affiliate programs.

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