Learn how to survive swings

Casino and poker players alike are prone to swings and for many of them the downswings end in bankruptcy, if they don’t have proper bankroll management. For casino affiliates the swings are not as dramatic but they can still affect their monthly income, so it is important to know how to prepare for them. Online casinos will chase players who lost their money with bonuses and various promotions and while these bring some back, they also hurt the profit margin of the affiliates. That’s why it is crucial for the latter not to spend the money that they don’t have yet and wait patiently for definitive results.

An affiliate should have a bankroll just as a regular player so that the downswing will not be as dramatic, and waiting until the month is over before spending anything should be the rule. Even four or five figures can appear and vanish overnight, depending on how the players are faring so one shouldn’t make plans for the money they might win, until they see them on the credit card. Affiliates should only promote casinos that have no negative carryover, so when a high roller breaks the bank their accounts will not be crippled for years.

Don’t hesitate to research about how the casino plans to retain its customers, because they have diverse methods and not all of them are in the affiliate’s interest. Some choose to rely heavily on reload bonuses to bring losing players back, other have more subtle solutions and their promotions are not hurting the affiliates. The more time you spend with research the less money you will lose on the long run, if some of the players that joined the casino through your links are winning big.

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