Learn how to spot a whale

There is nothing wrong in trying to maximize your income with as little effort as possible, and for casino affiliates this translates into sporting whales. The term describes those players that spend huge amounts of money online, and don’t mind if they lose thousands of dollars because they can afford it. Whether they are doing it for the thrills, are addicted to the game or hope to win big, this kind of players are going to generate a lot of money for those who hook them. This is why many casino affiliates are focusing their attention exclusively on these players and tend to ignore everything else.

This approach is wrong for several reasons, but the main one is that there are very few real whales online and most of those who can afford to wager huge amounts prefer land-based casinos. This means that by channeling all your energy on writing articles and running promotions that cater exclusively for those with deep pockets, you risk going broke. The chances of actually hooking players who deposit thousands of dollars are slim, but this is no reason to despair. What affiliates need to learn is that players that make smaller subsequent deposits are just as profitable and these are the ones that should be targeted.

http://www.casinoimpact.com/gambling-articles/swimming-with-the-casino-whales.html has a unique take on this subject for those who want to learn a thing or two. The bottom line is that when you have a player that deposits several times a day, the chances for him to win a huge amount in a single spin are considerably reduced. This is one of the most serious threats for affiliates, because if this happens an otherwise profitable account can be set back thousands of dollars, usually beyond redemption.

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