Decide between revenue share and CPA

Casino affiliate needs to make a single important decisions when setting up a partnership with the online casino, but the central one is whether to opt in for a revenue share or a CPA. In order to make an informed decision, one needs to understand what both concepts stand for and which one is more suitable for casinos as compared to online poker companies. Those who choose revenue share will receive a percentage of all the revenue that the casino makes over the course of time. Having a string of skilled poker players as affiliates will generate a lot of money because they keep playing while producing a lot of rake.

The story is slightly different when it comes to casinos, although in this case highrollers are more difficult to find and players are less likely to keep playing for long periods of time. This brings us to CPA which is an acronym for cost per acquisition, a system that rewards affiliates with a flat fee for every single member that they bring to the network. It makes no difference whether they win or lose and the amounts they wager are also irrelevant. What does matter is bringing in a lot of players, because this is the only way of maximizing your profits, so effective advertising campaigns are a must.

When it comes to online casinos, the experts agree that revenue share is more profitable for affiliates despite the inherent problems such as ample swings. Those who take their time to conduct research and consider all the bonuses, charge-backs and other rules imposed by the online casino, will simply have to wait until they hook in a whale. These are the players who like to spend a lot of money playing their favorite games, and sometimes they lose tens of thousands in a single session. This means that you can literally make money while you sleep.

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