Choose a suitable affiliation program

In any business it is important to have a diversified portfolio, so that in case something goes wrong your entire venture won’t be reduced to rubble. When it comes to casino affiliate programs, beginners should decide whether they prefer revenue share programs or ones that are based on CPA. The acronym stands for cost per acquisition and it is more suitable for those who want to make a quick income without worrying about what the future might bring. Those who choose this type of affiliation do so because they don’t want to have one winning player cripple their income in a matter of days.

The great thing about CPA casino affiliate programs is that you cash in on the amount you are entitled to, the moment those who sign up use your link to deposit money. It makes no difference whether they win or lose and the focus is to constantly attract more people through these links. Retention is now a problem in the casino industry, and unless you have a coherent and proven strategy to keep players returning and investing more money, it is more profitable to simply choose the cost per acquisition programs.

On the other hand, if you are fairly confident in your ability of making a long term profit, with revenue sharing, you should focus on those casino affiliation programs that have no negative carryover policy. In a nutshell, this means that at the end of the month, regardless of how much a player wins or loses your balance is reset. Each month you start fresh and have the chance of cashing in on some players’ bad luck, with the worst-case scenario being a couple of months when no profit is recorded. There is a real risk for those who don’t have a no negative carryover policy to be set back four years by a single lucky player.

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