Cash in on freeroll hunters

For an affiliate, success is not measured in the number of people that join an online casino by clicking on his links or following his referrals. The exception is the situation where affiliates choose the CPA programs and receive their money immediately after new players open a real money account through their links. A much more popular system is the revenue sharing program, which enables affiliates to enjoy a steady income if their players are losing money. The payouts depend on how much cash they bleed online, but those who are lucky enough to hook a whale will enjoy a carefree living.

A very unpleasant problem for the affiliates is dealing with freeroll hunters, as these players that have no intention of depositing real money. They are on a constant look for opportunities to join private freerolls, because they know that by doing this they will compete against fewer opponents therefore their chances to win will be better. The approach is in most cases very transparent as they beg for the password that allows them to join freerolls, or promise the affiliates that they will deposit real money soon.

While many affiliates are trying to get rid of these players, the right approach is to cash in on their enthusiasm and bring them a step closer to making the deposit. Even if they win a freeroll and use the money to fuel their gambling activities, the affiliates still has a chance of enjoying a return on investment. Especially poker affiliates can benefit from having these kind of players around, because many of them are grinders who are here to stay. They generate a lot of rake on the long run, and if only a couple of them are successful enough to build a bankroll, the affiliate will receive the lion’s share.

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