Capitalize on the World Cup 2014 opportunity

The World Cup 2014 is the most prominent event of the year as far as football fans are concerned, but there are many others who can reap the benefits. Online casino affiliates can and should take advantage of this rare opportunity to make some money, by running effective and inexpensive campaigns. The best part about this prestigious football competition is that virtually anyone knows what it’s all about and you don’t need to run expensive advertisements to raise awareness.

casinoaffiliatesFootball fans rarely make the transition from sports betting to online casinos, but they might be interested in the opening game for certain campaigns. The benefits of running a side project that focuses mostly on sports betting and targeting punters will become self-evident these two months. That’s why online casino affiliates and those who run similar programs should draw some conclusions from this occurrence and try to diversify their portfolio in the future.

Right now, the best they can do is to focus on the upcoming games and most of the money will be made during the first two weeks. The group stage takes even longer and there are a total of 48 games to cover, which means that a campaign should begin as early as June and conclude in mid-July. You need to jump on the bandwagon right away, instead of waiting for the World Cup 2014 to begin, because by that time, the market will be flooded by promotions.

The most straightforward solution is to run a tipster competition and set up partnerships with online bookmakers, because they act as a magnet for football fans. This works better if you have a sports section with a decent number of visitors, and they will come here by their own volition and you won’t need to target them with advertising campaigns.

Those who run a casino affiliate program that has no connection whatsoever with the world of sports, can still set up an ad-hoc football section. Visitors should be encouraged to pick winners and comment on upcoming games, with the most involved or successful readers to be rewarded prizes. These don’t have to be necessarily cash prizes, but bonus money that needs to be wagered in certain online casinos, before withdrawals can be made.

This is a win-win situation, because casino affiliates can easily interest online ventures in sponsoring such competitions. At the end of the day, you don’t spend a dime out-of-pocket and your customer base grows larger, because a fraction of those who win bonus prizes will eventually play with their own funds.