Gear up for a regulated US market

affiliateIn the casino affiliate business, it is very difficult to make long-term predictions as they are often contradicted by reality. Affiliates learn to adjust their strategies and campaigns based on things outside their control and they cheer whenever they are presented with good news. A regulated US market looks increasingly possible and especially those who are working in the poker affiliates business have good reasons to be optimistic about what 2014 might bring.

For the time being, they can only wait and see what happens next but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do anything to get ready for such a positive outcome. Expert affiliates recommend players waiting for a regulated US market to surround themselves with people who have tasted success in this competitive industry, while trying to build up a highly visible brand. The first opportunity to do so will arise this February in London where a big affiliate convention takes place, with more information being available at

Affiliates shouldn’t wait for something to happen or limit themselves to the drawing board, instead they should be proactive and take calculated risks. Start creating your own website and learn the ins and outs of WordPress as this is the least expensive investment. Affiliate shall work on their theoretical knowledge and keep learning as many things as possible, because you can never know what will prove useful in the foreseeable future.

Be prepared for success as well as failure, because when you need to work with numerous people and even manage employees, practical experience will come in handy. Having the right people around you is paramount, regardless of their position and relation to you, because you can always take advantage of their expertise. In the casino affiliate industry, change is the only constant and only those who adjust to it promptly have a chance at staying afloat.

Another powerful advice that veterans give to beginners is to refrain from spending money without a coherent strategy. When things are going your way, it is tempting to start dozens of projects at one time hoping that some of them will succeed, but if you don’t plan things in advance you risk losing a lot of money. Don’t take your casino affiliate business for granted and keep growing it while keeping expenses under control, and have a backup plan for the unfortunate case of unfavorable legislation hurting it.

Expand from you niche one step at a time

casinoaffiliateCasino affiliates frequently seek a niche, as the best way of making a name for yourself in this highly competitive industry is by channeling all your attention on a small group of clients. It is important to start small even if you think big, but after you taste success in your niche, it is recommended not to dwell on this triumph but consider an expansion.

The easiest way to expand is by focusing on a niche that is interconnected with the one you are currently exploring or have recently mastered. This transition is smooth as you have the expertise needed to succeed and you don’t require a great deal of help or a lot of money. On the other hand, it is always worth taking a shot that something entirely different, but don’t set the bar too high and instead consider it to be your pet project.

One way of doing that is by launching a PPC campaign, even though at a first glance this sounds like a reckless plan due to the fact that you risk losing a lot of money. Without being a risk-free venture, such an undertaking will force you to adjust and think the entire process through over and over again. Set a budget to make sure that you don’t lose more than you can afford, but don’t be cheap, even if you’re expansion is aimed at a niche that you’re not familiar with.

Also think about the prospect of building your own app, as these are extremely popular and even those which are only mildly successful can generate a steady income. The good news is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money in creating such applications and you don’t have to hire a team of highly trained professionals to do it for you. If you don’t have the abilities to program and make an app from scratch, you can still check out existing ones, as you might come up with a worthy idea.

Applications are useful, fun but most of all addictive and if you have the right idea, you could make money with minimal effort as the app will keep producing for you. Get familiar with the process of listing apps, so in case you actually come up with an idea for an application you won’t be stopped in your tracks by technicalities. Last but definitely not least, be smart and run sweepstakes promotions and contests when expanding to an new niche, to get the community involved as the return on investment is generous.