Reasons to go to the London Affiliate Conference in 2014

Reasons to go to the London Affiliate Conference in 2014Each year, casino affiliates get the chance to participate in a couple of major conventions held all over the world. Europeans can consider themselves lucky as most of these events take place on the old continent and in 2014 the first significant conference will be hosted by London. There are plenty of questions to ask and this is the place where the most qualified respondents are likely to be, which explains why the conference is a priority for most casino affiliates.

New people attend the event every year but the core of specialists and some of the pioneers in this industry are always present. These are the guys that everyone hopes to talk to as they have a broad perspective on things and can make educated guesses about the direction in which the industry is heading. Since 2009 when the Budapest Affiliate Conference took place in Hungary, the number of affiliates and prospective investors was on the rise so 2014 London Affiliate Conference promises to be grandiose.

Poker affiliates face a plethora of challenges and while most of them are the same to those encountered by casino affiliates, a distinction needs to be made. There are a couple of people who know the industry inside out, and three of them stand out from the crowd. Jeremy Enke’s experience is unmatched as he has been in this line of work for many years in a row and runs a very successful affiliate community. This guy is the one to talk to if interested about the chances of expanding to the US market, where things are finally coming back to life and online poker could be regulated.

Despite being one of the youngest casino affiliate experts, Mike Wittmeyer is well-adjusted for this highly competitive environments. He found the resources to rebound following the dreadful events of Black Friday and he is now running a successful website for purchasing precious metals. Even though he took a steep departure from the casino affiliate industry, he still knows a great deal about it and his advice can prove useful to those seeking diversification.

One of the first people to work in the casino affiliate business was Greg Powell who started his own project many years ago and is widely regarded as an authority when it comes to affiliate management. He rarely gives interviews and doesn’t host too many conferences, so the prospect of interacting with him at the 2014 London Affiliate Conference is alluring to say the least.

How much maintenance does an affiliate website require?

casinoaffiliateEven the longest voyage begins with a single step and online casino affilites are right to take it one step at a time, when starting a venture. What they need to know is that affiliate websites require a lot of work and maintenance is something that will take plenty of time, especially if you are the sole owner of the project. Particularly important is to build a visually appealing website, fully functional and inviting visitors to explore other sections in addition to the one they land on.

Once this important step is completed, the casino affiliate owner needs to do his best to keep the website fresh in terms of content. Even if the original website is remarkable and full of insightful information, you can’t dwell on your initial success and invest more time and energy in keeping the information up-to-date. In this line of work, things change on a weekly basis and that’s why it is recommended to add a new article or update existing ones every day, to be popular with the search engines.

Another thing that casino affiliates should keep in mind is to make full use of the latest tools available, so that the additional content such as banners and advertisements are also up-to-date. In order to make sure that you are advancing in the right direction, it is advisable to study statistics and whenever you find something wrong, make amends right away. The same goes for link building, because a casino affiliate project is not a one trick pony that gets set up and then grows of its own volition.

There is always the risk of some of the websites that you have linked to in the past, to be offline or no longer available and these links need to be removed. When it comes to advertising banners, you need to double check whether the affiliate program that you are part of provide you with these posters or if you need to look elsewhere. The idea is to keep your website clean and easy to browse, so pay attention to the size and quality of the banners that you publish, not to drive away casually visitors.

On the flip side, most casino affiliate programs need a source of monetization and before the core business starts delivering results, these banners can do the trick. Don’t be greedy and refrain from overcrowding the website with advertisements that have nothing to do with your niche, because the short-term gains will be offset by long-term losses.