Start small and grow at a steady pace

casinoaffiliateIn the world of casino affiliate programs, you need to follow up on every lead you’ve got and start small in order to keep potential losses minimal. This means that ambitious projects should be rare and those involved must consider the risks of losing the investment, instead of digging themselves deeper into a hole. There are a couple of tricks that casino affiliates need to learn quickly and perhaps the most useful ones in the early stages have to do with domain selection, hosting and content management systems.

When it comes to picking the domain name and hosting provider, Go Daddy and Hostgator pack quite a punch, because they run inexpensive yet reliable services. Hostgator has been around for almost 2 decades and they have a flawless track record, with more info to be found on They offer unlimited domain hosting for single digit amounts and occasionally offer discounts, but the most important thing is that the outcome is impressive and customer support outstanding.

Once these technical aspects are taken out of the way, casino affiliates should focus on setting up a content management system. The purpose is to optimize your work and spend the least time possible performing complex tasks, which is why WordPress is widely regarded as an excellent choice. This CMS is powerful and allows you to run a nice variety of features quickly with minimal training, which means that everyone is qualified to work with it.

There are plenty of other choices, but there is no point in taking chances and experimenting with content management systems that you are not familiar with. The overwhelming majority of casino affiliates will find this CMS to meet and even exceed their expectations, not to mention that the community behind it is strong and growing at an accelerated pace. Those interested will find answers to pretty much all the problems and they won’t have to bother themselves with costly coding and web designs.

To say that WordPress is perfect would be an overstatement, but casino affiliate programs don’t require perfection from the very beginning and chasing it would defeat the purpose. Keep in mind that failing early is not a major inconvenience and as long as you pursue different projects simultaneously, you are very likely to succeed. Cutting down on expenses with domain selection, website hosting and CMS will free up resources to be used on worthwhile projects.

Smart ways to use poker strategy websites

Smart ways to use poker strategy websitesWhen you are running a casino affiliate program, you need to stay flexible and adjust your strategy based on the latest trends. Those who dwell almost exclusively on the casino niche might be tempted to ignore the other programs such as sports books and poker. This is a mistake for several reasons, because those who pay attention to these industries can learn valuable things and apply them to their own venture.

Furthermore, those who undertake some research might find the prospect of expanding to poker affiliate programs and boost their profits. Extracting the most from poker strategy websites for instance can be easier than it seems, with minimal expenses and a sustainable growth. One of the first things that poker affiliates should do is to refer players to these rooms, because their words carry a lot of weight.

The reason for why people visit such websites is to learn more about how to be successful in online poker, which means that they trust the authors. It makes perfect sense that the same people who use the strategies to improve their gaming skills might follow the same advice when choosing a poker room. This makes it an easy way of increasing audience and attracting more players to specific poker rooms virtually for free.

When harnessing the immense potential of poker strategy websites, affiliates should keep in mind whom are they targeting. You need to think about what your audience looks like and even though you try to cover a broad spectrum, target each section with pinpoint precision. Some appreciate more first deposit bonuses, others find the prospect of competing in tournaments for free to be more attractive. The bottom line is that you need to provide them with a real choice if you want to increase the number of customers.

Poker tools are also worth promoting for those who are in this line of work, and once again a poker strategy website can help a lot. The issue of trust surfaces once again, so if you have players hooked, you should use that credibility to suggest various instruments. The same goes for poker training videos, because you want your community to be 100% committed to poker, regardless of what revenue-sharing program you chose.

The best thing about poker videos is that they have educational value without resembling hard work, therefore players are more likely to spend time on them. It is always easier to convince them to watch poker professionals in action or explaining intricate strategies, so target those worldwide famous pros.

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget to promote an e-book or any other sort of informative material, with many poker rooms offering such content for free. This newfound knowledge can easily be used for casino affiliate programs as well as poker, although they might require some tinkering. The idea is to go a step further than the competitors and always explore new opportunities, even if you don’t necessarily see the short-term benefits.