How to get backlinks to your website

backlinksFor casino affiliate, the website is the cornerstone of the entire project and that’s why it is essential to drive a lot of traffic. Unless you find ways of bringing people over to see what you have to offer, it is all in vain and the project is bound to fail. A very effective way of doing this is by using backlinks and one needs to go to great lengths to get as many of them as possible, without resorting to unlawful procedures.

There are countless methods out there for achieving this, but most of them are already known by most casino affiliates so we won’t insist with them. On the other hand, there are a couple of techniques that are less used yet every bit as effective and these are the ones that affiliates should paddle on it. If you have followers on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, don’t hesitate to ask them for a backlink because some of them will gladly accept if they like you personally or your venture.

You can return the favor at some point but in most cases your followers will ask for nothing in return which makes it a win-win situation. Then again there are situations when you need to go the extra mile and give something away and the best example is running contests. By offering freebies, you will get links and plenty of e-mail addresses that you would otherwise have to pay a lot of money for.

In the same category we need to include donations made to charities or individuals who are struggling with a major problem and need help as soon as possible. Some might find it a bit cynical to resort to such strategies, but the truth is that donations are a win-win situation. Most of the recipients won’t mind linking your websites to the one on which they ask for help and since you’ve got on that page in the first place, there is a good chance for that website to be very popular.

This means that you not only receive a backlink, but one coming from a website that has many visitors on a daily basis. Such a strategy can be the boost that your casino affiliate business needs and at the end of the day if you make more money, you will be able to help even more people. This is indeed a circle but not a vicious one because everybody wins, so there is no reason to ignore this strategy.

Norwegian bingo affiliate

Over the last few years, bingo has grown rapidly on the internet. Both bingo and casino online has grown alot in the Scandinavian market and the market keeps growing for every day. One of the main reasons why bingo grows this much is that alot of casino players chose to alternate with bingo. Why? The jackpots! Bingo actually offers some of the highest jackpot games that you can play online and together with new and innovative games, the bingo market flourish more then ever. Big jackpots are generated through active players. The more players that put money at stake, the higher the jackpots become. Since women have discovered online casinos and bingosites over the last few years, the money has also grown and thats why the progressive jackpots are growing.

Bingo affiliates grow with the market

It´s not a secret that affiliates tend to follow the market and bingo is not different. There are more bingo affiliates then ever and the numbers are growing. The Scandinavian online market is still young and undiscovered by many affiliates, especially the Norwegian market. So if you are planning on trying a new market, try the Scandinavian. An example of a Scandinavian bingo affiliate is that promotes some of the biggest bingo sites in Norway. We expect the bingo market to grow even more over the coming years, even in Sweden, Finland and Denmark and that is a good reason why to start working with Scandinavian websites and affiliate programs.

The perks of running Google Adwords campaigns

affiliatesCasino affiliate programs have the benefit of requiring a minimal investment and those who succeed in building solid ones, watch them grow constantly with minimal effort. This doesn’t mean that one can dwell exclusively on the relative success of a campaign without investing anything at all, and good examples are Google Adwards campaigns.

The concept of choosing a campaign to run on Google is attractive initially, but the idea of investing money has a deterring effect on many casino affiliates. The same goes for Facebook ads, but the truth is that what truly matters is the return on investment and if done properly both these campaigns will eventually increase revenue. The Internet ecosystem is growing at the same accelerated pace and you need to be a part of it, with Google Adwards campaigns representing the most straightforward solution.

One thing that puts off prospective casino affiliates is that when you are paying for Adwords you can no longer afford to struggle with a low conversion rate. Bringing visitors to your site will cost you serious amounts if you run ample campaigns, so you really need to extract as much profit from them as possible. The shortcomings are obvious, but at least this new challenge will wake some affiliates from their long slumber and force them to take a professional approach.

The first step is always the most difficult one, but once you start walking down this path, you will start exploring new alternatives such as Google Adsense. Some changes are required and those who used to write plenty of promotional articles trying to sell a product to their clients can now focus almost exclusively on information texts. What matters more is to choose good placement for the ads and to make sure that the articles featuring all your website presents some interest to those who stumble upon them.

There are plenty of plug-ins and themes such as WordPress’ default version that can help you achieve the best results in this line of work. Treat ad placement seriously, because this is a major element in the equation of success and ignoring it would only hamper your efforts. It is always better to explore new opportunities and if this brings you into uncharted territory don’t hesitate to take a leap of faith. For instance, split testing promises to be the next big thing and those who do it professionally will find out what brings money and what efforts are costing more energy and resources than they deliver ROI.

If you don’t know how to do it properly or if there is anything else related to your casino affiliate program that exceeds your knowledge, don’t hesitate to resort to outsourcing. On one hand you will be saving time that you can use on doing something you are really good at, on the other you have a professional achieving those goals that elude you. On the short term this would translate into additional expenses, but if you work with specialists they will be worth every dollar you spend on them.