Cost per acquisition or revenue share?

Whenever you start a business, regardless of profile, the most important thing is to start on the right foot because making adjustments on the way can be expensive. In the casino affiliate business, one needs to decide between CPA and revenue share, and in order to make an educated decision he needs to understand both concepts. CPA stands for cost per acquisition and it rewards the affiliate with a flat amount of money whenever someone is creating an account using his link.


This is a very straightforward way to make money, because you know exactly how much you’ll get when someone follows your links or website. On the other hand, affiliates can choose revenue sharing which means that they will receive a percentage of all of the revenue that the online casino makes. There are several restrictions but generally this program goes on indefinitely, which means that at least in theory it is possible to make a lifelong income.

There are advantages and shortcomings to both systems, but when it comes to revenue sharing it is very important to find a casino that offers a percentage above 50%. The very least you can find online is 20% of the profit the casino makes, which is still a lot of money if you catch a whale. These are highrollers who spin huge amounts and most of them and up losing a lot of money on the long run, which translates into significant profits for the affiliate.

For someone who runs a poker affiliate business, the decision is not as easy as it seems, unlike a casino affiliate who will always choose the revenue sharing. When it comes to poker, it all depends on how high the traffic is on a particular network, whether the company offers rake back to its players and its attitudes towards players from the United States. All of these elements need to be factored in before making a decision, and players need to keep an open eye for details to extract the most from their affiliate business.

The decision is much easier for casino affiliates and although there are some risks posed by lengthy swings, the revenue-sharing is the way to go. When it comes to whales, affiliates frequently jump to conclusions and are thrilled with the prospect of having such a player delivering long-term profits. One thing that needs to be emphasized is the fact that these players are competing for huge amounts of money and when they win, they win big.

On some rare occasions, the casino never gets back its money and this means that the player account will never recover. This is why it is essential to choose online casino where the numbers are reset every month, so you can have a clean slate in front of you. On the long run, it is inevitable for highrollers to end up losing money hand when this happens the affiliate is going to collect a hefty payout.


The perks of hiring content writers

Nobody can do everything by himself and even the best of those who run successful casino affiliate networks would succumb to pressure eventually. The trick is to do what you are best at while outsourcing the rest of the tasks, so that you will always have enough time to do what really matters. The question is which activities are worth delegating to others and how to find people who are capable of performing these actions on your behalf.


Last but not least, casino affiliates are worried about the potential costs of outsourcing and many make the faulty assumption that the expenditures make outsourcing unprofitable. Some interesting thoughts on this matter can be found at The author suggests that hiring content writers for promoting your website or platform is a smart investment and strongly advises against doing everything on your own.

To answer each of these sensitive questions at a time, it is worth starting with the actual content that will appear on your website or blog. There is no shame in accepting the fact that there might be people better at writing content for your own site than you are. As long as you know what you need and you can find people willing to do quality work, there is no reason to worry about the outcome.

Some writers need minimal guidance and they only need to be given a couple of pointers to know the direction in which you want the project to be heading. Others need constant counseling but this is not necessarily a bad thing if you have high expectations and are very demanding. The second question is about where to find talented writers and there are a couple of websites who act as the middleman between contractors and clients.

The system they promote is straightforward and transparent, with clients offering projects and writers applying for the jobs. Interviews follow and after all the application letters are considered, the client should have enough writers to choose from. Sometimes the beginning is a bit rocky as the selection process can take a while, but once you settle for one or more content writers, you could stick to them indefinitely. The benefits are self-evident, because the more time a writer is given to work on a project, the better he will be at that particular job and that will translate into better results.

The final concern is about price and although outsourcing is about saving money, don’t expect professional writers to work for pocket change. The more demanding you are and the more important the project is, the more expensive it will be to maintain a team of skilled writers. What many clients don’t understand is that the expenses are not the cornerstone of the business and what really matters is the return on investment.

As long as your project advances into the right direction and you attract more people to your casino affiliate programs, it is only fair to say that you are successful at what you’re doing. Furthermore, the writers working for you are doing their job and they deserve every dollar you are paying them.