Reputation weighs heavily in the balance

n the casino affiliate business, it is just as important to choose the right partner as it is to settle for the best program and this is where reputation analysis kicks in. Online casinos needs to inspire trust and this is done through pertinent reviews, written by former and current members as well as specialists. There are companies such as Robinson & Associates who highlight the importance of running comprehensive reputation management programs.


They also play an active role in ranking online casinos based on their reputation and emphasize the fact that prospective players consider all of their options before opening an account. Arguably the most reliable information comes from reviews written by actual users, as they know both the pros and cons of each virtual casino. It goes without saying that a high number of negative reviews will have a deterring effect on players and indirectly hurts the one who is a part of the casino affiliate program.

By contrast, positive reviews act as incentives for these players to tag along and even if they only open a play money account this is a step forward for the affiliate. Perhaps the most difficult obstacle that needs to be overcome is the very creation of such an account, with inspired promotions, diversity of games and loyalty programs coming next. It comes as no surprise that online casinos diligently work on improving their reputation and sometimes they resort to unethical solutions.

Among those used frequently is the purchase of positive reviews from technical writers who have no relation whatsoever with the casino or the games offered by them. Google has special mechanisms aimed at detecting such practices and in many cases they render the authors’ efforts virtually useless. Even though purchasing hundreds of positive reviews won’t do the trick, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of them written every now and then.

Ideally these are the creation of actual players, but those who are a part of casino affiliate programs can’t afford to wait for the users to step up. Whether they interfere with the process or focus on those casinos that already have a healthy ratio of positive reviews, they narrow down the search. There is nothing wrong in making constructive criticism, in fact such comments add credibility to the reviews. Last but not least, intelligent use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter enhance reputation and visibility.