Legal perils for casino affiliates

Those who are in the casino affiliates business, have very few reasons to fear the law because their actions are rather limited. Nevertheless, there are some legal perils that those involved should be aware of, even though they don’t affect them directly and the consequences are only marginal. Internet gambling is a fast-growing market that needs to be properly regulated, if it is to turn into a win-win situation. For the time being, many countries are struggling to find the right set of rules, to appease both players and operators, without depriving the national budgets of a significant source of revenue.

Legal perils for casino affiliates

In the United States the stakes are higher than anywhere else, because the frozen market shows some cracks in the shell. States such New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have made significant steps towards legalizing online gambling and prominent companies are trying to secure a sizable share as soon as possible. For casino affiliates, this presents a unique opportunity as they can cash in on the operator’s success as long as they know how to target their campaigns at the American audience.

Meanwhile, there are some cautionary tales that both players, operators and affiliates should be aware of with some of the juiciest ones coming of course from the United States. Professional poker players are not above the law and this was brutally reminded to Bill Edler who was indicted by the authorities for running illegal games. He is also accused of money laundering by the Federal Bureau of investigation alongside other poker players who were allegedly involved in illegal high stakes gambling.

The authorities are trying to bring down an entire network that includes more than 30 people with two WPT winners being among those arrested. Bill Edler won millions of dollars playing poker, and made a career move by becoming the director of a poker company while remaining competitive in the circuit. Even Hollywood stars were dragged into this scandal with Molly Bloom being also indicted, and the witnesses include names such as Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio.

As far as casino affiliates are concerned, it is important to remember that those companies that have no reputation and are relatively new on the market are not always the best choice. The fact that they offer the best promotions and tempting bonuses makes them hard to resist, but sometimes there is more than meets the eye about them. Casino affiliate should do their due diligence before teaming up with an operator and conduct research to determine whether they are trustworthy and potential long term partners.

Leaps of faith that affiliates need to take

In most cases, the roads less traveled are less traveled for a reason but when it comes to casino affiliates, it is important to take leaps of faith every now and then. In order to differentiate themselves from their peers, they need to explore new possibilities and focus on those games that have the potential to generate profit on the long run. It is always better to start from something that has proven its worth in the past, and when it comes to casino games Black Jack could serve as an excellent example.


A new blackjack variant has emerged and it goes by the name of European Blackjack Redeal Gold series, a name that both players and casino affiliates should keep in mind. It uses the same set of rules that made the original game so popular, but tweaks them in such a manner that it will appeal to both veterans and beginners. The premise from where the game starts is that players lose money all too often they stand with a seemingly good hand, only to see the dealer striking lucky and defeat them by an narrow margin.

Casino games are rarely about second chances, but European Blackjack Redeal Gold is a worthy exception because it allows players to repeal their hand. Furthermore, one can ask for a new card or even redeal the dealer’s hand but at the end of the day there is a price to pay for all these exciting perks. These  are briefly explained at so that both casino affiliates and regular players who know exactly what this type of blackjack stands for.

As veterans would suspect, the fact that this game has European in its name means that there is no hole card to be dealt and there will be no checking for blackjack either. The dealer is supposed to stand on 17 and two decks of cards are used, with insurance being out of the question. On the bright side, any experienced blackjack player knows that insurance is a losing bet so its absence won’t be missed by anyone. The game was developed by Microgaming, which explains why most of its features are similar to those existing in other games created by this company.

Things turn interesting when it comes to analyzing the redeal rules, with players being allowed to use this feature up to five times during the hand. There are three distinct options that go by the name of re-deal my hand, redeal last card and the dealer’s and the names are self-explanatory. One thing that is important to keep in mind is that one cannot redeal after doubling down or speeding up, and the same goes for natural blackjacks or 21s.

Speaking of costs, there will be a price to pay for redealing the cards and these costs are clearly displayed so that players can see them and make an informed decision. The price to pay will be lower than the ante and players will be presented with the option to redeal as soon as the first cards are dealt and as late as the last card. It comes as no surprise that the costs for a redeal increases when the player finds himself in a tough spot, and decreases when the player already has a strong hand, hence a good chance to win.