Marketing tricks for affiliates

Those who run casino affiliate programs are on a constant search for marketing tricks that can help them improve their performance with a minimum investment. There is no universal solution for all types of programs, but there are a couple of things that affiliates can do to achieve better results with no delay.  Some can be read below, others are available here


One of the first things to keep in mind is that each program needs to be tailored depending on the program that the affiliate intends to promote. For instance those who are operating in the poker niche should pursue marketing initiatives that can speed up conversion without causing spikes in prices. Custom poker chips wouldn’t set any affiliate back too much, but they will bring any campaign to life and draw a lot of attention for a relatively low cost.

Another thing that casino affiliates should focus on is direct interaction with the broad audience through video chats and forum posts. If the website owner finds the time to promote his product through short videos, he has a better chance of communicating his ideas and vision to his visitors. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool and can lead to a spike in the number of visitors, while increasing the rate of returning ones.

Forum posts, stories and articles published on the blog have the same effect and they encourage visitors to get more involved and interact with the author and each other. It doesn’t hurt to run your competitions and offer awards to those who achieve the best results even when these prizes are rather symbolic. The more generous you are, the better the return on investment will be, although fledgling affiliates can’t afford to direct a lot of resources to such awards. Convenient solution such as newsletters still deliver results but they should be used in conjunction with social networks to maximize the returns.

Are video slots affiliate programs profitable?

Very few casino affiliates are into slot games, because they don’t really know how to handle them and are not convinced that they can be profitable. The truth is that when compared with different casino affiliate programs, video slots need a different treatment and the decision of whether to choose CPA or revenue-sharing is essential. There are so many online casinos out there offering very similar slots, that deciding between one operator and the other can be a very tricky business. The surefire way of choosing the right partner is to learn more about the software developer powering their games.

The interface has to be clear and attractive both for the user and the casino affiliate, because at the end of the day the ones playing need the ultimate environment. Searching between different slot games and navigating with ease from the promotion section to jackpot games is paramount, because otherwise they risk to have players losing interest in the early stages. At the end of the day, no matter how refined and intelligent the affiliate strategy might be players who always choose those online casinos that offer the best first deposit bonuses.

It is particularly important to focus on those who offer generous ones if you decided for the CPA plans, and right now casino affiliates are entitled to aim bonuses that exceed 100%. Convincing people to start playing is a challenge but it is just as important to make sure that their retention rate is substantial and that’s where the cash back programs kick in. If members are promised a cashback rate of more than 25%, the odds of them returning to play video slots at the same casino are significantly improved.

A savvy casino affiliate will also pay attention to those days when the players are more likely to make a deposit, and the rule of thumb says that these are doing the weekend. Whenever possible, it pays off to increase the bonuses and throw new perks into the mix around these days to make your offer more attractive. The cashback works in both ways as the players themselves and the casino affiliates can benefit from this type of offer, as long as it is properly customized.

As expected all online casinos offer other types of games besides video slots, even if the latter represent the majority of titles in their offer. It remains have to casino affiliate’s discretion to expand the affiliate program to other games or stick to slots and there is no universal solution or rule to be followed. The most common transition is the one to video poker, which represents an additional source of income when the online casino extends its bonuses and promotions to these games.

When casino affiliates want to fine tune their search, one of the questions that frequently pops into their mind is whether they should focus on casinos that favor instant play or downloadable content. Once again, this is not something written in stone as there are just as many players favoring each type of play. The rules of the game are constantly changing, and it is the affiliate’s duty to do his due diligence and stay up to date with the latest developments in online casino software.

Last but not least, there is the issue of commission which regularly starts at around 25% and can increase up to twice as much. In terms of sheer amounts, some casinos increase the commission at $20,000 and then at 10k more and so on to a maximum of $100,000. Naturally, these amounts vary from case to case and casino affiliates should make sure they are aware of both the lower and higher limits before signing the agreement. They should also try to understand how the deductions work and how high they can go.

Do replicator systems work for casino affiliates?

There are plenty of tips and tricks about how to improve your casino affiliate programs, and some of the solutions are borderline ridiculous. The problem is that those who are in this line of work and are looking for a solution to increase their visibility online, are prone to believe pretty much anything that they’re being served. No matter how far-fetched a concept might sound, if the promised benefits are high enough that there are people who will take a leap of faith despite their better judgment.

One of the latest gigs is the power replicator concept, which essentially is all about instantly replicating the websites with minimal effort. Those who create and market such applications are placing the emphasis on lowering labor costs, increasing the numbers of products or services that you sell and improving search optimization. They claim that after the initial purchase is made, there will be no additional charges and the client would reap the benefits with no strings attached.

These programs allegedly empower buyers to use their own software and keeps them in full control over the application, since everything is done through easy HTML. The prospect of having virtually unlimited affiliates and plenty of room to expand your program might sound tempting, but there is more than meets the eye about these replication systems. Those who are selling them offer no guarantees whatsoever and some of them are even using the application to infiltrate their clients computers.

The search optimization mechanisms that they employ and the tactics that they count on are frequently black hat ones. This means that even if you enjoy positive results in the early stages, there is always the risk of something to backfire later on when the search engines release new updates. Those who are in the casino affiliate business for a long period of time and are playing a long game, can’t afford to take these kind of chances.