Beware of bogus affiliate books

The competition in the online casino affiliate industry is steep, and this explains why all those involved are on a constant search for the most effective methods. It is not enough to be successful in what you’re doing, because you are in a perpetual competition with your peers, and the customers are really not for everybody. Although the industry is constantly expanding, not all casino affiliates are enjoying a slice of the cake and very few actually make a lot of money.

Beginners are hard pressed to come up with a functional solution and are compelled to look elsewhere for books, tutorials and various tools to maximize their chances. While the number of educative books available online is reduced, the fact that the affiliates are hoping to find the winning strategy quickly led many scam artists to expand their scope. A similar approach to what those who operate in the lottery industry is employed and a plethora of books claiming to teach casino affiliates how to market their business have flooded the Internet.

For starters, all of these books don’t teach anything relevant and in some cases the perpetrators are not even delivering a solid copy or an e-book. The only thing they present is a brief summary of the alleged book and some go a step further by creating some bogus table of contents. Interesting enough, they use the same weapons that casino affiliates hope to use at a later point, by creating an ecosystem of blogs and websites marketing their product. The odds are high that those who are looking for such books will land on one of these websites, and assume that the products they endorse have to be good for something.