SEO tips for casino affiliates

For casino affiliates to be successful, one needs to constantly adjust to the changing realities in the market, and employ the best solutions before the competition does. Even if you have something of top quality to offer, and the message you are conveying is convincing, you still need to reach a wide audience to maximize your effectiveness. Search engine optimization is essential for casino affiliates, as it helps them stand out from the crowd and meet interested partners half way.

Some very interesting tips about how one can achieve this goal are presented in an easy to understand manner at The author suggests that the days of spun content that was rich in keywords but lack any substance are gone, and those who persist in using the same strategies do it at their own peril. The search engines are much more effective these days in distinguishing between junk content and quality one, and tend to punish those who try to cut corners.

Basically, casino affiliates need to step up and use quality on page content to make their websites more relevant both for the search engines and real visitors. This is easier said than done, because you need to conduct a thorough analysis of keywords and use them in such a manner that they will make your website easy to find without conflicting with Google. This kind of research is vital for affiliates who take this project seriously and hope to be around for long enough to get some valuable leads.

Following Google’s technical recommendations to the letter is also something that affiliates should keep in mind regardless of what type of games they try to promote. The idea is to help the crawlers in their attempt of monitoring the website and convince them that it is relevant in this niche. Affiliates should pay attention to link building and not settle for any offer they’ve got, because this can easily backfire. There is nothing wrong in looking at what the competitors are doing and using the guest blogging as an effective weapon, because this is regarded as a healthy mechanism of promoting websites.

Speaking of which, casino affiliates should do their best to link to authority websites such as Wikipedia or Yahoo answers, even though this is a time consuming process. Purchasing links may be the only solution in some cases, but you need to be selective and only buy links that are worth something, so that you won’t flood your website with worthless ones. Last but definitely not least there is the social component, and taking advantage of social networks is an excellent way of becoming more visible online.

The first ones that come to mind are Facebook and Twitter, but despite their popularity, these are not the best solutions for a casino affiliate network. Google + and YouTube are much more suitable for this purpose, because those who are actually interested in gambling use them more often. It goes without saying that the search engine giant prefers Google + and its link with YouTube is just as well known, so this should be the first on the list of priorities.

Is it worth attending affiliate conventions?

Those who are running their own casino affiliate program and those who are a part of a bigger organization, are probably aware of most of the conventions held all over the world. Depending on which niche they activate in, these people can choose between attending all, some, or none of any aforementioned conventions. The real question is whether it is worth spending the time and money to attend these events or if they are nothing more than a distraction that can’t generate any concrete results.

For many affiliates, these conventions represent an excellent opportunity of interacting with their peers and establishing contacts with those people who matter the most. On one hand, you get the chance to present your opinions and hear what others have to say, in a select group of people that share your goals and ambitions. Even if you are attending such an event for the first time, and know very little about the participants and organizers, it is still an enlightening experience. Becoming a part of a group of affiliates that works in the same niche, will help you broaden your horizon and assimilate new ideas.

The conventions are even more profitable for those who attend them regularly, because when you create a network of fellow affiliates, every single member can benefit. Some choose to run joint programs, others use the resources of their new friends to expand their business and at the end of the day, it all turns into a mutually beneficial partnership. For fledgling affiliates, it is recommended not to stray too far from home and attend those conferences that are organized nearby, to keep the costs low. As your business gains traction and starts making serious money, you can broaden your scope and attend the major events.

Smart newsletter win more affiliates

Casino affiliate networks grow at a rather slow pace, especially if the one running the promotion is focusing on establishing long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships. Interacting with interested people is only easy to do when they all attend the same convention, but most of those who do are already running their own venture. While these events are useful for helping affiliates to broaden their horizon and get familiar with the latest techniques used in this line of work, there are not enough for pushing the business into overdrive.

Sometimes the most straightforward solutions are also the best ones, and although newsletters have been around for many years, they are by no means obsolete. They serve the purpose of spreading the news quickly and frequently, without becoming a nuisance for neither those who create them nor the recipients. When deciding to use newsletters as a marketing tool for casino affiliate programs, you need to make sure that the content is not only relevant but also great looking. The first impression matters and if the one receiving the newsletter considers it cheap, the odds of winning him as a client are significant.

Sending newsletters rarely and only occasionally without following a strict schedule would pretty much defeats the purpose. They are supposed to keep people up to date with the latest news and promotions, and provide them with a chance of taking advantage of the best deals. On the other hand, those who design and send them need to act with moderation, so that the recipient won’t feel harassed and send the newsletter straight to the spam folder. There is a very thin line separating perseverance from harassment, and crossing it is a sure way of alienating potential customers.

Promotion through viral videos

It is very hard to make a name for yourself if you’re running a new casino affiliate program and conventional promotional solutions are less and less effective. While they get the job done eventually, those who are trying to push things into overdrive and achieve the kind of exposure that will help them stay profitable, need to think outside the box. Newsletters are one way of achieving your goals and those who want to know how to prepare effective ones, will find plenty of insightful advice if they simply visit

Effective as these newsletters are, they are only one piece of the puzzle and the casino affiliate needs to keep himself ahead of the curve all the time. YouTube videos are watched by millions every day and those who are capable of creating a viral video, will have it watched by tens of thousands. The best thing about these videos is that once you create them and post them online, the viewers spread the news for you without asking anything in return. It is vital to know what the audience needs and post something that is likely to provide viewers with an incentive to share it with their friends and online contacts.

For an affiliate business a great video posted on YouTube can work wonders and except for the initial cost there are no additional expenses. This is something that cannot be said about other conventional online marketing campaigns, which are increasingly expensive and require total commitment. There is no recipe for creating viral videos and you need to be imaginative enough to come up with a product that does more than conveying your message. It is important to think on the long run and don’t let petty gains block your way to achieving great things.