Guildelines for successful affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a potential gold mine, but the fact that the industry is profitable doesn’t mean that anyone who taps into its potential with get rich overnight. The most important thing for prospective affiliates is to focus on a specific niche market and this can only be done following proper market studies. It is less important what niche you choose, as long as you are 100% committed to make it work and channel all your energy towards promoting your affiliate marketing business. While Google Ad words and Overture do a decent job, the most effective way of making a name for yourself is through SEM.

Search engine marketing works wonders for those who customize their methods and try to meet clients halfway instead of using standard strategies. Pay attention to what your visitors are looking for on the website and single out the sought-after items, so that you can focus mostly on them. Social media is not to be underestimated, with Facebook being an important catalyst for fledgling affiliate marketing businesses. Make sure that you only create informative content and invite your visitors to interact with the website on multiple levels, to create a connection between them and the business you promote.

Online gambling is known to cause significant downswings and casino affiliates should also be wary of potential shifts in monthly revenue. This is why deciding between CPA and revenue share is so important and working with companies that have no negative carryover is one of the ingredients for success. If possible make sure that you have a safety net in place for those rare occasions when you will end up on the wrong side of profit at the end of the month.

An image is worth a thousand words

Those who run poker affiliate programs, are well aware of the importance of having in-depth poker room reviews, to convince prospective players to join them. While the information itself is particularly significant and content is king, the presentation is equally important and screenshots serve a central role. It is always much easier to associate a poker company with a review, if the author took the time to add a screenshot of the poker room. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to make this happen and the effect is immediate, so it goes without saying that screenshots shouldn’t miss.

Once the importance of incorporating them in any sneak preview is understood, the next step is to determine which screenshots are suitable for a particular review. The temptation of using a generic image should be resisted, because if the reader notices the discrepancy, he will have second thoughts about the casino affiliate program. Even if the information included in the article is relevant, the fact that the generic screenshot has been used, projects the wrong image and paints the entire project as a shallow one.

For casino affiliates who are promoting more than a couple of poker rooms, it might take a while until they create a database of screenshots for all of these poker rooms. There are some screenshots available online, but some of them have copyright or watermarks and it is not a good idea to infringe them. Think of this as a long term investment and take the time to add several screenshots when you review a poker room, because there is is a good chance to use them in the future.

Take your chance with Bingo

In order to find the best affiliate program and prevaile where others fail, you need to walk down the less traveled paths and occasionally take some chances. Until recently, bingo was largely ignored by those operating in this line of work, but now there are some signs that this has the potential of becoming the next big thing. The question is how exactly the market with evolve and whether bingo will gain more adepts online, or if the bingo enthusiasts will eventually return to their favorite land-based venues.

One thing that those working in this industry should be aware of is that most of those who proclaim that bingo is going to be the next big thing, are usually bingo affiliate program managers. While this doesn’t necessarily make them wrong, it is a bit risky to trust blindly those who have interest in convincing the audience to join them. Unlike online poker that practically grew out of its own volition, bingo is not going to explode in the same manner and things need to be done for it to become very popular. Gathering the same crowds in online rooms as in traditional bingo venues is something that will probably never happen.

Before giving up on your bingo affiliate plans, you should note that although the game won’t take the industry by storm, it can still generate sustainable profits. Player retention is something that many affiliates are struggling with, and as far as online bingo rooms are concerned this is not such a huge challenge. Bingo players don’t wager important amounts, at least not the same sums as their poker counterparts, which prevents them from going broke. Even though the affiliate won’t make a fortune and can’t regard this as a get rich soon scheme, he can set up a lucrative business by focusing on this game.