Engage prospective affiliates

An effective affiliate program is the one that knows how to engage people and have them asking for more instead of pressuring them with aggressive campaigns. When it comes to sportsbook and casino affiliate programs, you need to stray a bit from the more traveled paths and try something different. At least when it comes to sports betting, many bookmakers are already focusing on implementing new strategies and fantasy sports are some of the most popular ones. In North America more than anywhere else on the globe, people are extremely passionate about fantasy sports but this will only expand worldwide.

Many of those who watched the recent competitions live on television, are also involved in fantasy sports events, and affiliates can use this as a way of increasing their customer base. One of the main problems is that not all affiliates know where to start from and for these people the solution is to look at those who succeeded already. Websites such as www.fanduel.com can serve as an excellent example of how things are supposed to be ran, and represent an excellent stepping stone for those interested in fantasy sports.

The similarities between this website and one dedicated to poker are multiple, as players compete against their peers in tournaments. Depending on their preferences they can focus on events that take place shortly or make long-term predictions, and beginners can experiment for free. The strategy works like a charm, because in the initial stages people are reluctant to invest money or to start betting themselves, but sooner than they think they get hooked. For the affiliate this is a minimum investment in terms of both money and effort, and once the players entered the system they rarely leave, but get even more involved.

Freebies can be powerful arguments

When it comes to casino games and sports betting, people are frantically looking for someone who can confirm the things they already believe. Especially for punters, having a specialist who shares their opinion is the most important thing in the world, and this is something that casino affiliates should keep in mind. Those who are trying to convince others to subscribe to their paid service, should sometimes resort to freebies to encourage them that they have a lot to win. In the sports betting industry, the best freebies one can offer are free tips, because they cost nothing and can deliver immediate results.

The beauty of offering a free picks service to visitors, is that you invest nothing and in case your predictions come true, those who read them will be hooked to your website. This will facilitate the transition to a paid system, and a relatively short winning streak is usually enough to convince visitors that a subscription is worth making. When offering the free picks, an affiliate should place the emphasis on the fact that this is a limited offer, or that the freebies are simply a prelude for the paid service.

Depending on how successful they are over one or two weeks, affiliates can push for paid picks right away, or bring more arguments to the table. Even if the free recommendations barely kept punters profitable, it is worth highlighting the fact that the paid version is considerably more effective. In order to be more persuasive, the one issuing the predictions should have a personalized approach, because punters would rather trust someone they know than a complete stranger. Any experience in this line of work and achievements should be properly advertised, to induce the idea that they are working with a professional.

How to attract sports betters

Those who are in the casino affiliate business, are constantly looking for ways to broaden their portfolio and sports betting can be a lucrative solution. The reason is that many of those who play online casino games, are using the Internet to bet on sports and very often they choose the same companies. These offer a broad selection of sports, poker and casino games, so that players will regard them as a one-stop shop for their gambling needs. Although some of the general rules still apply to punters, casino affiliates need to pay attention to some special elements that make the difference between success and failure.

One of the first things that any sport better will consider is how good the odds are, because on the long run even a successful punter can break even or lose if the odds are poor. When advertising one sportsbook, it is essential to emphasize the fact that it offers some of the most competitive odds for a broad range of sports. Although most people choose to bet on football, American sports and tennis, there are plenty who have more exotic tastes and they are numerous enough not to be dismissed.

Live betting has gained a lot of traction lately and those who can brag about a bookmaker offering this option, will sound much more convincing. In terms of convenience, players are constantly looking for ways of placing their bets hassle-free and this is where mobile betting works wonders. By focusing on those sportsbooks that proudly feature this type of betting, and highlighting this function, an affiliate can attract more punters. Free cash and promotions are just as effective for regular online casino players and sports betters, so don’t forget to bring prospective affiliates up to date with the latest ones.

Is it worth promoting Rush Poker?

Casino affiliate marketing is a very competitive industry, and those who are late to the party usually have to settle for the leftovers. This is why whenever a new game is introduced, affiliates try to determine whether it is worth focusing all their energy on promoting it or not. When Rush Poker was first launched by Full Tilt Poker, everyone was wondering whether this new type of poker will gain traction. So far, few online casinos have included it among their games but there is plenty of room and the odds are high for other casinos to follow this example.

If you’re wondering what Rush poker stands for, http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/poker/game-types/rush should clear things out, as this is its birth place. The question is still open and there are both supporters and detractors for promoting Rush Poker, with arguments being solid on both sides. On one hand advocates of the new games say that whenever players are provided with an opportunity of pushing things into overdrive they take it without asking more questions. This is exactly what Rush poker does, by enabling them to play more hands in the same period of time, while decreasing waiting.

Players are quickly moved from one table to the other immediately after folding their hands, which explains why it is possible to play well over 100 hands per hour. While it is most unlikely for players to get bored with Rush poker anytime soon, the number of new players is not as high as predicted, which fuels the confidence of those advising against promoting Rush poker. They also claim that with most of those playing it being already Full Tilt Poker members there are simply too few willing to join another poker company, solely for the chance of playing rush poker.

Use Calls to action wisely and often

Casino affiliate programs are built on trust and should not be regarded as a get rich soon scheme. In order to attract a lot of players, affiliates need to setup convincing websites and fill them with relevant content, not simply resort to SEO tricks. This doesn’t mean that search engine optimization is not important, quite the opposite, but top quality content is the most important thing. After populating a website with relevant content and optimizing it for SEO purposes, the affiliates must pay special attention to the Call to Action.

This is basically an incentive that the author gives the reader, to do something concrete after going over the informative material available on the website. For instance when promoting an online casino, the affiliate needs to do more than convinced prospective players that this is the kind of place where they would enjoy spending their time. In many cases the readers will browse around trying to learn more about a specific casino, and there is a good chance for them to open an account using another link.

Since affiliates need players to create an account through their own links, it is obvious why they need to make sure that the call to action is convincing. After investing effort in writing a great article, they have the readers hooked and sometimes a simple link is enough to close the deal. A skilled affiliate will do much more and try to make the readers interact by adding a “click here”button instead of linking to a certain casino. These details might not look like deal breakers but if you fail to use any calls to action you dramatically decrease the chance of people actually signing up and contribute to your success.