Cash in on freeroll hunters

For an affiliate, success is not measured in the number of people that join an online casino by clicking on his links or following his referrals. The exception is the situation where affiliates choose the CPA programs and receive their money immediately after new players open a real money account through their links. A much more popular system is the revenue sharing program, which enables affiliates to enjoy a steady income if their players are losing money. The payouts depend on how much cash they bleed online, but those who are lucky enough to hook a whale will enjoy a carefree living.

A very unpleasant problem for the affiliates is dealing with freeroll hunters, as these players that have no intention of depositing real money. They are on a constant look for opportunities to join private freerolls, because they know that by doing this they will compete against fewer opponents therefore their chances to win will be better. The approach is in most cases very transparent as they beg for the password that allows them to join freerolls, or promise the affiliates that they will deposit real money soon.

While many affiliates are trying to get rid of these players, the right approach is to cash in on their enthusiasm and bring them a step closer to making the deposit. Even if they win a freeroll and use the money to fuel their gambling activities, the affiliates still has a chance of enjoying a return on investment. Especially poker affiliates can benefit from having these kind of players around, because many of them are grinders who are here to stay. They generate a lot of rake on the long run, and if only a couple of them are successful enough to build a bankroll, the affiliate will receive the lion’s share.

Win a ticket to the Affiliate Summit

As an affiliate, you can expect to make a lot of money on the long run if you know how to avoid the frequent swings that are specific to this industry. You can’t go wrong if you go for a CPA affiliation program, while a revenue-sharing solution could help you maximize your gains. Negative carryover programs are the ones that should be pursued if you prefer the latter form of affiliation, because each month the records are you raised and new opportunities emerge. Well before you get the chance to make a decent living on your affiliation, you might enjoy a pleasant surprise if you team up with InterPartners.

Now that InterCasino has gone live, the company celebrates the addition of live dealers with a generous package offered to one of its affiliates. The package consists in flight ticket and accommodation for two persons, plus an all-inclusive pass to an important affiliate event that takes place in Las Vegas. Between 13th – 15th January 2013 the Affiliate Summit will bring together vendors, affiliate merchants and some of the most respected marketing experts worldwide.

For affiliates, these events should be regarded as long-term investments, because they get the chance to establish contacts with important people from their industry. The costs for attending the Affiliate Summit might be high for fledgling affiliates, but for the lucky winner expenses will be covered by InterCasino. In order to qualify for this promotion, affiliates have to collect points and the winner will be declared the one who has the most by November 30. There are no strings attached and luck doesn’t play the central role, which means that the most efficient affiliate will be rewarded with a free trip to Vegas. More information about this promotion can be found at

Choose a suitable affiliation program

In any business it is important to have a diversified portfolio, so that in case something goes wrong your entire venture won’t be reduced to rubble. When it comes to casino affiliate programs, beginners should decide whether they prefer revenue share programs or ones that are based on CPA. The acronym stands for cost per acquisition and it is more suitable for those who want to make a quick income without worrying about what the future might bring. Those who choose this type of affiliation do so because they don’t want to have one winning player cripple their income in a matter of days.

The great thing about CPA casino affiliate programs is that you cash in on the amount you are entitled to, the moment those who sign up use your link to deposit money. It makes no difference whether they win or lose and the focus is to constantly attract more people through these links. Retention is now a problem in the casino industry, and unless you have a coherent and proven strategy to keep players returning and investing more money, it is more profitable to simply choose the cost per acquisition programs.

On the other hand, if you are fairly confident in your ability of making a long term profit, with revenue sharing, you should focus on those casino affiliation programs that have no negative carryover policy. In a nutshell, this means that at the end of the month, regardless of how much a player wins or loses your balance is reset. Each month you start fresh and have the chance of cashing in on some players’ bad luck, with the worst-case scenario being a couple of months when no profit is recorded. There is a real risk for those who don’t have a no negative carryover policy to be set back four years by a single lucky player.

Learn how to spot a whale

There is nothing wrong in trying to maximize your income with as little effort as possible, and for casino affiliates this translates into sporting whales. The term describes those players that spend huge amounts of money online, and don’t mind if they lose thousands of dollars because they can afford it. Whether they are doing it for the thrills, are addicted to the game or hope to win big, this kind of players are going to generate a lot of money for those who hook them. This is why many casino affiliates are focusing their attention exclusively on these players and tend to ignore everything else.

This approach is wrong for several reasons, but the main one is that there are very few real whales online and most of those who can afford to wager huge amounts prefer land-based casinos. This means that by channeling all your energy on writing articles and running promotions that cater exclusively for those with deep pockets, you risk going broke. The chances of actually hooking players who deposit thousands of dollars are slim, but this is no reason to despair. What affiliates need to learn is that players that make smaller subsequent deposits are just as profitable and these are the ones that should be targeted. has a unique take on this subject for those who want to learn a thing or two. The bottom line is that when you have a player that deposits several times a day, the chances for him to win a huge amount in a single spin are considerably reduced. This is one of the most serious threats for affiliates, because if this happens an otherwise profitable account can be set back thousands of dollars, usually beyond redemption.

Learn how to survive swings

Casino and poker players alike are prone to swings and for many of them the downswings end in bankruptcy, if they don’t have proper bankroll management. For casino affiliates the swings are not as dramatic but they can still affect their monthly income, so it is important to know how to prepare for them. Online casinos will chase players who lost their money with bonuses and various promotions and while these bring some back, they also hurt the profit margin of the affiliates. That’s why it is crucial for the latter not to spend the money that they don’t have yet and wait patiently for definitive results.

An affiliate should have a bankroll just as a regular player so that the downswing will not be as dramatic, and waiting until the month is over before spending anything should be the rule. Even four or five figures can appear and vanish overnight, depending on how the players are faring so one shouldn’t make plans for the money they might win, until they see them on the credit card. Affiliates should only promote casinos that have no negative carryover, so when a high roller breaks the bank their accounts will not be crippled for years.

Don’t hesitate to research about how the casino plans to retain its customers, because they have diverse methods and not all of them are in the affiliate’s interest. Some choose to rely heavily on reload bonuses to bring losing players back, other have more subtle solutions and their promotions are not hurting the affiliates. The more time you spend with research the less money you will lose on the long run, if some of the players that joined the casino through your links are winning big.

Decide between revenue share and CPA

Casino affiliate needs to make a single important decisions when setting up a partnership with the online casino, but the central one is whether to opt in for a revenue share or a CPA. In order to make an informed decision, one needs to understand what both concepts stand for and which one is more suitable for casinos as compared to online poker companies. Those who choose revenue share will receive a percentage of all the revenue that the casino makes over the course of time. Having a string of skilled poker players as affiliates will generate a lot of money because they keep playing while producing a lot of rake.

The story is slightly different when it comes to casinos, although in this case highrollers are more difficult to find and players are less likely to keep playing for long periods of time. This brings us to CPA which is an acronym for cost per acquisition, a system that rewards affiliates with a flat fee for every single member that they bring to the network. It makes no difference whether they win or lose and the amounts they wager are also irrelevant. What does matter is bringing in a lot of players, because this is the only way of maximizing your profits, so effective advertising campaigns are a must.

When it comes to online casinos, the experts agree that revenue share is more profitable for affiliates despite the inherent problems such as ample swings. Those who take their time to conduct research and consider all the bonuses, charge-backs and other rules imposed by the online casino, will simply have to wait until they hook in a whale. These are the players who like to spend a lot of money playing their favorite games, and sometimes they lose tens of thousands in a single session. This means that you can literally make money while you sleep.

Good news for Neteller affiliates

Neteller is one of the most popular e-wallets and both affiliates and regular users should rejoice knowing that it recently introduced the Lucky Draw promotion. In addition to being a very convenient way of depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos, Neteller is one of the few in the niche offering freebies to their members. The only requirement for cashing in on one of the five prizes is to transfer money using this e-wallet and the minimum amount will trigger the release of an entry. The more money won deposits or withdrawals, the more chances he will have to win one of the prizes.

The first one will be awarded on October 7 and it will consist of $1000, but the amount will be twice as high just a week later. On October 21 the lucky winner will back $5000 and exactly one week later apprised of $7000 will be credited to another account. The last and most significant prize with be decided in the last day of the month, which means that there is plenty of time to take advantage of this promotion. It makes perfect sense to fund your online casino accounts using Neteller these days, and this shouldn’t be a problem given the high number of casinos that accept this payment method.

For affiliates this is an excellent opportunity of increasing the number of followers, as all they need to do is to promote this campaign launched by Neteller. The company has already prepared a set of banners and advertisements that are catchy and promise to help affiliates spread the news in a more effective manner. This means that one can participate in the promotion himself, while increasing his revenue as an affiliate, not to mention that an additional $1500 will be distributed among three lucky affiliates.