Are there coolers in online casinos?

In order to correctly answer this question, one must first understand what the cooler is, and unfortunately for those who played in regular casinos there is no need for explanations. These are people who seem to kill the mood at any table, and turn what appears to be a losing session for the house, into a winning one. Players start losing suddenly without any explanation, and those who fail to leave the table soon enough will see all of their stacks vanishing before their eyes. Some go a step further and say that these people are hired by the casinos to tip the scale in their favor, but the theory is far-fetched.

Regardless of how you position yourself towards this issue, coolers are no problem if you choose to play online, at least not in their traditional form. The house is expected to win, and although occasionally poker sessions can provide players with a nice financial reward in addition to the thrills, on the long run, winning is unlikely. The losses are amplified by a poor understanding of the game, and the tendency that many players have to go on tilt by forsaking their healthy wagering habits in favor of more risky ones.

It is of course more convenient to blame someone else for your mishaps, and even go as far as blaming the software, but these are nothing more than misconceptions. The random number generators are in place to ensure the fairness of the game, so regardless of how it appears to players each round is independent from the previous one. At those who are interested to learn something more on this topic will find their answers right away. In conclusion, for those who play over the Internet, the only coolers are the ones they set in place by themselves due to the inability of controlling their emotions.


Be afraid…be very afraid

The backbone of any brick and mortar casino are slot machines, and things are not very different over the Internet, where the slots are gaining ground quickly. Software developers such as Cryptologic are at the top of the food chain and whenever they release a game such as Frightmare Slots the players take notice.

This game leaves no doubts about what the main theme is and those who visit Casino Advisor will learn more about this game available at InterCasino. This is in fact a combination of three different games, which go by the name of Zone of the Zombies, Witches and Warlocks or Vampire Bats. All of them are just as dark and gritty but there is enough diversity to keep players wired for many hours.

If you consider yourself as a person that doesn’t get scared easily, then the Vampire Bats is a must play game, because it is filled with scary vampire symbols. The one that players should be rather happy to see than scared, is the vampire in human form signed as this triggers the most generous prizes. While the amounts are slightly lower for the regular vampires, bones, candles and mirrors these shouldn’t be dismissed easily. Furthermore, the game features reassuring signs such as garlic, crosses and holy water.

Once you get hooked on the Frightmare Slots, the Witches and Warlocks slots will represent the natural step forward and once again the mythical creatures have the potential of generating cash. The warlock is the scatter sign while the witches are scatter symbols and three of them will trigger the Witches and Warlocks feature. When this happens the fight is over and the player can win a larger prize if he emerges victorious or a consolation one if he loses, either way it is a win-win situation.

Even if you’re fed up with video games and movies depicting zombies, InterCasino’s take on them in Zone of the Zombies is unique. Once again the hero fights the zombies, but this time if this scatter signal appears the players will receive financial rewards in addition to the sheer satisfaction of winning.

Invest less but smarter

In order to make the transition from play to real money, one needs to deposit some cash and credit cards are the most popular payment options. Online casinos present them with the option of playing for play money for as long as they like, but eventually most members choose to experience the thrills of real cash. When this happens, they have several deposit options at their disposal, but instead of choosing the most straightforward one, they would be right to consider banking bonuses. These are offered by the online casinos to those members who try to promote certain payment options and they use bonuses as incentives.

The reasons vary from case to case, with some casinos working with unreliable processors, others don’t have the time to process all of the credit card transactions. The bottom line is that they try to sway players to deposit money in one way or the other, and to convince them they offer banking bonuses. In most cases the bonus consists of a percentage of the deposit, which means that the more a player chooses to invest, the larger the bonus will be. If they were to use a regular payment option they would only cash in on the standard first deposit bonus, while opting for the recommended one with increase the profits.

As long as players don’t need to go to great lengths to deposit money as the online casino suggests, they should take advantage of these banking bonuses. Most casinos expand these incentives to reload bonuses and various promotions that are ran on longer periods of time, so it is worth keeping an eye on them. There is of course a turnaround requirement for these bonuses as well, and many online casinos impose certain weekly or monthly caps.

The ethical side of casino affiliate programs

Very few people let issues such as ethics become an obstacle for their lucrative business but there are also concerned citizens who don’t want to thrive at the expense of others. The online casinos are flourishing and they will continue to do well for as long as people will prefer them to traditional ones. Everything suggests that this trend will continue and due to the fact that playing online is more convenient and the bonuses are generous, online casinos are here to stay. Most of those who open a new account do some research before making a choice and this is where affiliates intervene.

An affiliate will make a decent living if he has the ability of convincing many people to choose one casino over another. The question is how far should one go to insure his prosperity without causing others harm and the debate is still on about the importance of ethics in any affiliate program. First of all, those who consider the prospect of becoming affiliates shouldn’t start from the premise that they are encouraging gambling or causing addiction. They are simply promoting one casino or another, depending on what they think about these companies and the benefits that they regard to be dominant.

Those who are seeking information have already made their mind about playing and they are simply looking for a casino where they will enjoy the best conditions. As long as the affiliate recommends a company that has a great working ethics, makes payments and insures that security and fairness of all the games, he is doing the customer a service. He goes to great lengths to provide accurate information so that the client won’t waste his time and as a result both parties end up on the winning side.

Enjoy a slice of the cake

One of the industries that are growing at an accelerated pace is online gaming because many of those who love casino games, prefer to enjoy them online. The costs are decreased and the fact that their favorite titles are never further than one click away makes it more convenient to play online. There is no shortage of casinos and they are all competing over new customers, because the ones that choose one casino over the other, usually stick to it. This means that the competition between online casinos is tough and everyone tries to attract new customers with appealing bonuses and promotions.

Those who want to tap into the huge potential of this industry, can become affiliates and make money by bringing in new players to their network or casino of choice. A website that contains informative articles and reviews of multiple online casinos, has a good chance of convincing visitors to sign-up and put their luck to the test. It is essential for the affiliates to come up with informative articles and honest reviews, so that the ones who trust them won’t regret their decision.

At the end of the day everybody wins, because if the client is satisfied and continues to play, a percentage of the money he wagers wil go to the affiliate. Due to the fact that the casino provides all the materials that one needs to conduct an effective advertising campaign, affiliates can enjoy a nice slice of the cake with minimal effort. While it is more difficult in the early stages, as soon as the affiliate website gains popularity, things basically move forwards on their own volition. With a minimum involvement and a slight investment, virtually anyone can take advantage of the expanding industry.