Casino Affiliate Programs

The online casino and poker business is growing rapidly and even though the market has matured a lot in recent years there is still a lot of room for new players to enter the field and make money as casino affiliates. Being a casino affiliate means competing in a highly competitive but also highly lucrative business. There are a lot of different affiliate programs that are reliable and that pay very well when you refer new clients to them. You will find some of the very best casino affiliate programs reviewed on this site, and we also feature information that will help you earn money as a casino affiliate. By browsing our site you will learn things such as how to successfully promote your site, how to choose a good domain name and what keywords you should target. Learn from great casino guides like

All casino affiliate programs recommended on this site pay on time and work with reliable and trustworthy casinos meaning that both you, and the people you refer, can feel safe.

Some people claim that it is unethical to promote gambling and casino affiliate programs. We do not agree with this. Sure there are unethical casino affiliates out there, but that does not make it unethical to be a casino affiliate. A reputable casino affiliate do not try to trick people into becoming gamblers, they simply provide information to people who have decided that they want to gamble. They help them locate a good casino and prevents people from be tricked by the less reputable operations that exist in the market. As a casino affiliate, you should strive to be a good influence on the casino affiliate market and avoid practicing unethical practice that can hurt the gambling industry or casino affiliate business.

Below you can find eight ethical guidelines for casino affiliates that will help you keep in good standing with your visitors, the casinos you recruit customers for and the search engines. All in all, they will help you form a long-term lucrative business with staying power.

1. Be honest. Do not lie in your reviews. If a casino is bad or have a bad reputation, tell your clients this and let them know of a few better options. If the visitor still wants to join a less than stellar casino through your affiliate link they can not say that you did not warn them.

2. Do not promote casinos or feature links (affiliate or others) to casinos that are known to not pay their players.

3. Promote only good casinos like this swedish casino for example. There are enough good casinos out there for you not to have to promote bad ones. (There is however nothing wrong about featuring information about bad casinos, as long as you are not actively promoting them. On the contrary, you can warn your visitors about the bad apples and offer them suitable alternatives.)

4. Never promote casino affiliate programs through spam. This includes email spam, forum spam and other types of spam.

5. Do not use link spam or other types of spam to promote your website.

6. Try to build a website that is of real value to the visitor.

7.Tell people about the wager requirements etc that casino and poker bonuses are associated with in a prominent way on your information/review pages so that people don’t miss it and feel scammed later on.

8.Promote casino affiliate offers to people looking for casino related material.

9. Promote mainly tax free casinos within EU like

It might be tempting to cut a corner or two to try to make some quick bucks online, but any long term successful casino affiliate will tell you that quality and ethical behavior always gives you better returns in the long run. Get inspiration from sites like casinopånä